Friday, January 27, 2012

Edu Vaarala Nagalu

I am very happy to start my blog with this edu vaarala nagalu as my first post... many of the younger generations are not familiar with this word and it's history due to the latest variety  jewellery in the market and due to less knowledge regarding our Indian history...

Edu Vaarala Nagalu means the jewellery worn by men or women for each day of the week. Edu means seven. Vaaralu means days -like Sunday Monday etc. and Nagalu means Jewellery. This was a very old tradition and is still followed by few people..

In olden days king and their families use to wear this edu vaarala nagalu.By wearing these, people would benefit from the positive aspects of the planetary influences and bad influences would be reduced. Health, wealth and prosperity, peace of mind, happiness could be got by this.So let's see which planet n gems belongs to which day..Below are picture of the jewellery..

                       SUNDAY --- SUN is the planet  or God---RUBY  is the gem..


 MONDAY ----- MOON ------- PEARLS

                                             TUESDAY ----MARS ---- CORALS

                                         WEDNESDAY ----- BUDHA ---- EMARELDS

                              THURSDAY ---- JUIPITER --- YELLOW SAPPHIRES

                                 FRIDAY --- VENUS -----DIAMONDS

                                          SATURDAY ----- SATURN --- BLUE SAPPHIRES

                                              Every day with a new jewellery 


  1. awesome idea for marraiges gr8 job :)

  2. Hi..thnks for the post..was lookin for this information frm long tym...but ive one doubt...where does this kaasulaperu stands in yedu vaarala nagalu..i heard his is also one jewel worn....

  3. now i know what is meant by eduvarala nagalu. thankyou

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